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LAFC provides a welcoming atmosphere, open to a wide range of age & ability. They encourage and support those seeking to improve their lives through healthy living. LAFC helps people set goals, and aids them in exceeding their own expectations. Working out at LAFC builds a persons self-esteem which in turn empowers that person. LAFC is a great place to find friends with common interests.

Kent Pegg and Carrie Montoya-Pegg are always positive and encouraging and celebrating life.

-Roberta Day Idzorek

Kent Pegg has created a business that supports the health of the people of Los Alamos. The elderly, handicap, and injured people have benefited from his knowledge and manner of business. I am proud to support his business.

I asked Kent Pegg to be my personal trainer after my treatment for breast cancer. I was in sad shape and the comeback for me took several years. Kent continued to encourage me and I witnessed his positive encouragement of others.

JoAnn Lysne is an employee of the Los Alamos Fitness Center. She teaches stretching classes that are yoga based. Many elderly in the community attended her gentle yoga class. JoAnn has a quiet manner that helps all stay fit and happy. It is a class where she encourages interaction and fun.

One member of our class died this year from Parkinson’s disease. She told her family that taking the yoga class from JoAnn was the best part of her week. JoAnn cares about each one of her students and works hard to help them become more active.

-Nancy Boudrie

Kent and Carrie Pegg have markedly improved the knowledge and practice of physical fitness within the community.

-William Chambers

LA Fitness offers a good variety of classes for people over 50. The instructors give individualized attention to those with special needs, so that everyone can benefit from all the exercises. It's very important for Seniors to exercise and stay strong and LA Fitness is a great place to do it.

LA Fitness has a caring and concerned staff who go out of their way to ensure that everyone who participates in the classes for seniors get the most out of it.

-Deborah Pirkl

I have been going to LAFC on and off for almost 5 years. The staffs there are wonderful and the facilities are great. I love the cardio and weight room, but my favorite is Saturday morning yoga. It is a great time for reflection and a sense of community. This business embodies the idea of a community asset in that it promotes social interaction, physical development and fitness goals for better health. They are centrally located and the staff is professional, friendly and very knowledgeable

-Zoe Fisher

Los Alamos Fitness center is one of the most positive businesses I have ever entered. They support their clientele by offering not only fitness classes and support for the body but also the mind. It is a very clean and bright environment and the staff is wonderful.
Los Alamos Fitness center is dedicated to their clientele. They are always helpful and they support Los Alamos and surrounding communities.

-Lila Pacheco

LAFC is a friendly business that truly cares about its customers. They not only provide the obvious fitness classes for their members but also have guest lectures from professionals in the community. They make working out fun with special promotions and integrate their business into community events. The owner, Kent Pegg, is the president of our chamber. He promotes our town by holding a yearly fitness competition, writing fitness articles for our local paper, and by donating to special causes such as protein bars for the fire fighters during the Los Conchas fire. I cannot say enough good things about this business and its owners and employees.
The owners have a very strong commitment to promoting our community and serving their customers.

-Robin Scoggins

Without Kent Pegg's support, training, and encouragement, I would not be able to fulfill my personal goals of fitness, which is a top priority in my personal life.
Without Kent's support and guidance I would not have been able to achieve my goal of amateur bodybuilding. He literally helped save my life by convincing me through education and support, how to become as healthy physically and emotionally, the best that I could be. This came about after I suffered a tragic loss. I do not believe he is aware of just how significant he has been in my life as a trainer and fitness coach.

If Los Alamos Fitness Center did not exist I would not be able to fulfill my personal goals of fitness, which is a top priority in my personal life.
 LAFC has been my "life line" in the community for over 10 years. When I walk through their door I enter the best fitness facility I have ever experienced. Their facility provides everything I need to have the best physical, personal, and emotional well-being that I need. It is one of the reasons I remain a resident of Los Alamos.

-Anne Hawes

Los Alamos Fitness Center helps the community stay fit. They reach out to all members of the community, with special attention to the elder members of the community.

-Will Stolpe

LA Fitness provides extremely personal attention to its members. They are genuinely concerned about my well-being. They are strong supporters of the community. Kent Pegg provides health and fitness columns to the Monitor. LA Fitness provided power bars to the fire fighters during the Las Conchas fire. Los Alamos is fortunate to have such a GREAT business here!
 LA Fitness is a critical component to a healthy lifestyle. Kent and Carrie have a tremendous amount of fitness knowledge that they are eager to share. Our community is healthier thanks to Kent, Carrie, and LA Fitness.

-Art and Deanna Forster

Los Alamos Fitness Center promotes health, wellness, and positivity for all of it's members. It’s a truly positive environment and beneficial facility to our community.
Carrie and Kent do and excellent job and I am most impressed with the way you handle our Senior Citizens.  They are the spine of our community and I applaud your efforts in helping them stay fit and active!!

-Nathan King

Carrie has been an asset to those seeking a healthier lifestyle. She answers all inquiries promptly and has encouraged patrons of the Los Alamos Fitness Club to continue going when they are feeling down.

-Zena Thomas

I have worked with Kent on weight loss and exercise goals over the years. His program is the only diet/exercise program that has helped me reach my goals in the quickest amount of time.

-Liz Daymon

I began training will Kent about 2 years ago when I wanted to get in shape for my wedding. He helped me reach my goals so that I felt beautiful on my big day. Kent has shown me potential I never knew I had. He’s been very supportive with all my goals and he never stops motivating me. He knows so much about the fitness world and I would recommend him to anyone that is interested in health and fitness.

-Deborah Nelson

I first signed up for Kent's Weight Loss program last June.  I was already doing a lot of aerobic exercise daily, as well as yoga three times a week.  Kent's program gave me the push to include weight training in my routine, and that has made the difference for me in building strength as well as achieving weight loss.  He was willing to help design a program that worked for me, even using my home weight system if I wanted, and he has always been flexible, encouraging, and easy to talk to. 
JoAnn's yoga classes (going on 2-1/2 years now) have also been an important part of my overall fitness program.  Yoga has made a significant difference for me in improving my flexibility, balance, and overall physical strength.

-Kathy Gursky

Kent has been working with me once a week for several years and I have also been going to the over 50's classes and Carries abs classes. Since I have had the great fortune to have had both my knees replaced twice it would have been easy just to sit back and say  "well that's that I'm in my 60s/70 what more can I expect".  Kent has always encouraged me to try and work out no matter how I might feel mostly I do. It's worked I stay highly motivated to keep going because of our lifestyle of hiking with two Dalmatians in the mountains here and around the West. I can still walk around 8-9 miles at elevation in Wyoming, Colorado etc and I plan on doing so for a long time to come.  Thank you Carrie and Kent for providing us with such a great atmosphere to work out in!

-Marion Mitchell

I first came to LA Fitness in 2005 by participating in the Strong Women's Program and have been a member ever since.   It was then I met Kent & JoAnn as they were both instructors.  I can't say enough good things for the help they both have given me to keep my arthritic 70+-year-old body nearly pain free through their body toning and yoga instruction. Plus LA Fitness is a genuinely friendly place to workout.

-Joyce Nickols


Over the past several years, I have tried several programs and diets to lose weight and though I was truly motivated, nothing seemed to stick and always seemed to find my way back to old eating habits and not exercising.  So for years, I have been unhappy with myself until now.  I have been going to the Los Alamos Fitness Center for 3 months.  I take a class on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Katie Alano called Women’s Weight Training.  Since I have been taking the class it has made me such a strong person.  I use to have the worst heartburn and pain in my left leg that would keep me up at night.  Since I have been exercising not only have I lost weight, but my heartburn and leg pain have disappeared.  It feels great!  I know now that it takes time for the weight to come off.  I have had to watch what I eat and exercise for the weight to come off.  I take it one day at a time, only getting on the scale once a month.  I know I am losing weight because my clothes are not so tight.  I know that eating healthy, exercising regularly and patience truly does help me get the results I want.


Believe in yourself and soon you’ll see the results,


-Sylvia Montoya


I was never a "gym" person, didn't think I had the body or wardrobe (spandex) for it!  Now I know that's not the way it works; a gym can be a welcoming, friendly place, a place to rehabilitate from an injury and a place for everyone, not just the "beautiful" people.  But, some of those "beautiful" people have actually been very kind and helpful - they know how hard it is to stay physically strong, and they have been among the strongest supporters during my long recovery from an injury.


LA Fitnessis a place to work but it's also a nurturing environment.  It's a gathering place for all ages, for all sizes and shapes.  Most gym members are serious people, serious about the job of staying fit, but they make the experience enjoyable.  I feel better just being there. I wear loose, comfortable clothes. I have my own exercise routine, custom-designed by Kent.  There's always someone who is willing to help me with the machines if I need help.  


The gym also is a place to meet others, share aches and pains, encourage and bond.  It's a warm, sunny setting.  It's a good place!


Thank you goes out to Carrie and Kent for making this possible.   


-Sue Ellen


We joined the LA Fitness Center several years ago. Beyond feeling good and being quiet healthy, I have experienced wide-ranging benefits. For decades, I have had nagging problems with my back, hip, and shoulder. Thus, I have used free and fixed weights on a regular basis and also participated in the stretching classes. Recently, on the advice of my physical therapist, I have started using the elliptical trainer in addition to using a stationary bike and treadmill at home. My medical doctor, physical therapist, and chiropractor have all agreed that I am very fit, strong, and flexible. They encouraged me to continue the ongoing physical activities. Furthermore, a recent bone density scan showed a 16% improvement, which is very unusual, bringing me well above the borderline range.


Another benefit of my fitness regimen is 100% lung capacity in spite of having asthma and bad allergies.


-An Anonymous Senior Citizen